Friday, November 17, 2006

National Lampoon's Vacation

The wacky Griswold family is out on a cross-country road trip to Walley World. Let's just say this, the trip does not go exactly as planned! To start off, Clark and his son Russ go to the car dealership to pick up their new car, but the new car they ordered wasn't here, their old car is crushed, and they have to settle for an atrocious "Wagon Queen family truckster." Clark promises the best trip ever, but it proves to be anything but! The problems start right at home as they are pulling out of the garage, and all of their luggage comes off the top of their roof! They set off to St. Louis from Chicago and get lost in St. Louis ending up in the wrong neighborhood. After the family truckster is trashed in the wrong neighborhood in St. Louie, they set off to Cousin Eddie's! This has to be one of the funniest scenes of this hilarious movie, Aunt Edna is cranky, Eddie asks for a large amount of money, and they leave with a new pair of white slippers and a vicious dog! The rest of the trip with Aunt Edna and the vicious dog is hilarious, along with the scenes where Clark tries to imprees the beautiful blonde driving the Ferrari by demonstrating the family truckster's horsepower. Anyway, then the dog dies, followed by Aunt Edna (who they put on the top of the car, and then left in the back porch of a home where the family is on vacation!), they go to the Grand Canyon, and Clark steals the money in the register! So they make it to Walley World, and guess what? IT'S CLOSED! But since they have had such a troubled time getting here, Clark is on the edge and buys a pellet gun and forces his way into Walley World.

Overall, the Griswold's adventure is absolutely hilarious because everything imaginable and more goes wrong! The characters are perfect, Clark is an absolute goofball, and Aunt Edna could not be any more cranky and whiny. For a great comedy, go grab this movie for some classic jokes!

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