Thursday, November 16, 2006


David Grosvenor

The film Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson (maker of the Muppets), is a children’s film created in 1986. The film Labyrinth stars David Bowie as the mischievous goblin king, and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, a young spoiled teenager with a great imagination. Sarah, the main character, in an impulsive decision, wishes her baby brother to be taken by the goblins to their realm. Sarah, not meaning what she wished for, has to recover her baby brother from the goblin king before 13 hours is up. Sarah is forced to go through a labyrinth of situations to get to the kings layer in the middle of the maze.

Eventually Sarah is able to find her way to the castle with the help from some puppet friends she met on her way through the labyrinth. Sarah, after going through the goblin city prior to the castle, is able to defeat the Goblin King at his own game and save her brother from a permanent stay within the goblin realm.

The film Labyrinth is a movie like no other. The combination of David Bowie’s singing and Jennifer’s crazy character makes the movie more of a joke then anything else. From the first scene you can see that Jennifer’s character, Sarah, is selfish and crazy when she yells at her parents for not caring for her when they have done absolutely nothing to her. Not only is Sarah’s a little out there the other main character, the Goblin King, is constantly singing and hanging out with puppets.

The scenes within the film, from the first shot within the labyrinth to the last, put you into a well crafted puppet land that came straight out of the mind of Jim Henson. The movie has become a colt classic which has helped it to stick around since 1986. If you’re looking for a movie that you can have a good laugh at this is definitely a film worth looking into.

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