Thursday, November 16, 2006

3 O’clock high (1987)

3 O’clock high is a good portrayal of high school bully’s. The entire movie is about one day in the life of Jerry Mitchell. I think the most comical scene of the movie is when Jerry brushes his teeth in the car and washes his mouth out with Coca-Cola.Everything is going wrong for Jerry: he is late to school, cant find clean clothes, gets his tires slashed, and gets picked on by Buddy. Buddy is the new kid, who just so happens to be the biggest and toughest bully in all of school. When Jerry is assigned to right an article in the school newspaper on Buddy he nearly has a heart attack. Jerry bumps into Buddy in the bath room and pats him on the shoulder. Jerry just did Buddy’s number one pet peeve, and has to fight Buddy at 3 o’clock. Ironically the film is entitled 3 O’clock High. Jerry spends the rest of the day trying to get out of school, and even steals the money from the book store just to pay another bully to protect him. The actual fight scene kind of upsets me. There is no way that Jerry would be able to win a fight against a guy as big as Buddy. It is also very unrealistic when Buddy beats up the principal. It also upsets me when Jerry chooses to hook up with his nerdy best friend instead of his gorgeous dream girl that finally wants him. I would have definitely picked the prettier one. The movie ends with Jerry finally being courageous, and leaves school being the hero.

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