Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scanners (1981)

Famous for having the first exploding head in a film, Scanners is a movie about telepathy in the future. During this time, there are telepathics in society that can control others minds and are imperceptible to those around them. The main character in the story is Cameron Vail, who is a homeless man that has the power of reading others minds. This power, known as scanning, however is not as great as it may scene, and is shown to be a burden that he has no way to get rid of. He is taken in by Dr. Paul Ruth who gives him Ephemoral, a powerful drug that can help scanners control their powers. The corporation that Ruth works for, Consec, wants to use Vail to stop Darryl Revok, another powerful scanner that is trying to give Ephemoral to pregnant women to make a group of super scanners.
The whole film feels gloomy and strange, yet it all seems to come together to make a movie that is a mix of gory horror and mysterious conspiricy. Having heard about the movie previously, i was ready for the strangeness that i was about to see. Because of this, I really enjoyed what i saw. I thought the film was very creative and the setting and mood really added to the overall story. Because of the creepiness that telepathy already brings to the story, the movie ends up being very interesting and a little bit scary. Although it may not be looked at as a classic, scanners is a movie from the 80's that really stands out.

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