Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas Vacation (1989)

Christmas Vacation (1989)

I can't say I remember the first time I watched Christmas Vacation, but I can say that it has left a deep, burning impression. It is kept in a very special box at the Kozich household, along with many-generation ornaments and decorations. It is comsidered one of the most special items in those boxes and I regret to say that I broke a Kozich Christmas law by breaking the movie out before Thanksgiving.... I'm sorry pops but for this class I couldn't resist!

And how could I possibly be expected to? It has all the makings of a perfect comedy; the overzealous father, an apathetic daughter, a pre-teen son, an RV parked in the driveway, the dicky wearing uncle, the senile grandparents, the bitchy neighbors, and of course the cousin with a lip fungus.

The movie's plot is simple, but genius. The twists and turns are better than a Cedar Point roller coaster, and I'll bet you pee your pants more times as well. Except if you're a cat lover, maybe then I would suggest watching I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas where a kitty doesn't fry itself under a chair. Or maybe if you have a rodent-phobia and would be traumatized by the thought of a squirrel leaping from your 30 ft. Christmas tree. If you drive an R.V., you'll get a good tip from Uncle Eddy; even when the "shitter's full" don't empty it into the street gutter and if you have no other choice for the love of God don't put an open flame near it! Another lesson learned: don't count on your Christmas bonus to fund a pool project if you haven't recieved yet. You could end up with a kidnapped boss wrapped in a big red bow getting kicked in the ass up your driveway, but hey Uncle Eddy means well.

There's a thousand lessons to be learned from this amazing movie, but it's important not to forget the most important; The Holidays are about family, being together and loving one another for what you are. It's about being happy with a dried up Turkey and 30,000 lights that just won't turn on!

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