Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dune 1984

Okay, so I was pretty skeptical before watching Dune. But, after the first few minutes, I was going: Holy crap what an awesome movie! I have to admit the plot is very hard to follow, but the Star-Warsesque special effects worked well. Early in the movie a couple of space warriors put on some crystal shields and do battle, and it just gets better from there. The main character Paul, played by Kyle McLauchlin, has to prove his mental powers in order to go on an intergalactic space mission and ends up fighting a huge worm like the one from Tremmors.

There's a ton of internal monologue in this film. Mostly, the characters ask themselves in their minds about Paul, "Is he the one?" I won't tell you if Paul is "the one" or not, but the odds are good. Being "the one" seems oddly similar to having "the force," as Paul's skills in battle are top-notch. This is important, because the huge worm has a huge appetite.

So what's the deal with the huge worm? Well, I don't really know. The plot gets lost amid the torrent of fighting and space karate and crystal shields and laser guns--but the action and effects are freaking awesome.

As much as Dune draws from the original StarWars, it must be complimented for preconceiving the worm from Tremmors. Both worms live in the desert, can feel vibrations in the earth (so, if you throw down a beeping, rythmic, vibrating instrument, you can avoid detection by taking erratic steps), and devour everything in their paths. The reason they have to kill the worm is to save the spice mine--the spice provides wisdom and long life! And Patrick Stewart plays Captain Jean Luc-Picard! Oops, I mean Gurney Halleck.

I demand that everyone go see this movie. In fact, we should have voted it for our Student's Choice flick--the cinematic elements build to a huge crescendo where we really find out if Paul is "the one."

Oh yeah, and Sting is in it, and when Sting came out in nothing but spandex shorts to wrestle for his life, the girl next to me said, "He has the body of a Greek God!" So, maybe that interests you, maybe you want to do some queer theory, there's a bunch of phallic and vaginal imagery that pops up out of nowhere and frequently. Anyway, I'd give it a go if I were you.

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Vladigogo said...

it was the end of my first semester in college and it was the night before I was leaving to drive home to NJ. A suite mate and I decided to go see this flick 'cause nothing else was on.

It was awful. Bad. Atrocious.

Sting's line "I will kill him" is so overdone as to be embarrassing.

But you liked it Paul and that is what is important.