Thursday, November 16, 2006

St. Elmo's Fire

Lets look at the cast list:
Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe
Judd Nelson, and Demi Moore

Judd Nelson.. look at him now!! what happened? from the big 80's film, The Breakfast

He's playing a much different character in this film...Certainly a lot different than the young rebel, John Bender. Alec Newbary, played by Nelson, is the hero of a group of seven friends fresh out of college without the slightest clue what to do next. Everyone looks up to Alec because he seems to be one of the few with some sense of direction in his life. He wears a suit to work everyday, and he's working for a politician, following his four year focus. He defines the success and the direction that all the recent graduates are looking to achieve.

Many people begin to believe that Kevin McCarthy's character, Kevin Dolenz, is gay because he has not slept with anyone in years. He is quiet and refined.

Rob Lowe's character, Billy Hicks, is a talented musician living the dream. He switches from job to job with ease and he gets to perform and hang out at the bar every night.

Demi Moore's character is Jules, a girl who is strikingly beautiful with a power over many men, including her boss. She can manipulate with her sexuality and she brags about her sexual experience.

Leslie Hunter is the long time girlfriend of Alec with everything she could ever want. She is working on the new appartment and tinkering with the idea of marriage to Alec, who relentlessly presses the question.

Kirby Keger (Emilio Estevez) is in love and he's happy about it.

In reality, they are all facing a great amount of problems. They are not happy about with their lives and they are all extremely troubled. Life after college is not easy; the euphoria of college is over. Their lives are taking a new turn, and they are forced to make big time decisions and changes to direct themselves properly.

Alec is completely unfaithful to his girlfriend, Leslie. He tells his friend, Kevin that he had sex with a woman at a clothing store and he seems to think marriage is the only way he can stop cheating. Not only is his love life a mess, so is his loyalty to the Democratic party. The president of the Democratic Students of Georgetown for four years quickly joins a Republican politician's party. Why? More money.

Kevin is not gay, and he is not in love with Alec (as accused by Jules.) Kevin is in love with Leslie, his best friend's girl.

Leslie finds out that Alec is cheating by bluffing an accusation. Alec responds heatedly, "What did Kevin tell you?" Their relationship is ruined and Leslie is kicked out of his appartment. She later sleeps with Kevin.

Billy cannot keep a job or a relationship. Jobless and without direction, he is a bit of a nobody out of college, and his nostalgia for the love he once had is evident by his return to his old frat.

Jules has a list of problems, drug and alcohol related. She is fired by her boss. Her attempted suicide brings the friends back together.

St Elmo's Fire is an ok film. The music is pretty classic. The characters are very 80's.

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