Thursday, November 16, 2006


David Grosvenor

The film Batman, directed by Tim Burton in 1989, is a classic comic book movie and one of the first of its kind. The film is about a man by the name of Bruce Wayne, played by Michael Keaton, who after his family was murdered right before his eyes when he was eight vowed to fight evil. Bruce, by inheriting his father’s money and business, is able to fund his alternate identity as Batman.

Batman’s arch rival the joker, played by Jack Nicholson, is wreaking havoc in the city of Gotham once more with the help of his gang of misfits. The joker has created a diabolical plan that will affect the whole city if Batman doesn’t do anything about it. The joker has created a chemical that will instantly kill a human and leave a disturbingly happy face on its victims. The joker plans on killing innocent lives by having a parade within the streets and releasing the gas onto the populated area. Not knowing that the joker is evil, people begin to be attracted by the scene and the free money that gang is throwing out from the floats.

With the help of Bruce’s love interest Vicky Vale, played by Kim Basinger, Batman is able to stop the joker, who was also the small time criminal that killed his parents, and save the city from certain doom.

Unlike new age comic book movies this film is very different. Tim Burton, who is a well respected director, could not have done a better job with this film. Out of all the movies based on comic book superheroes this one is ranked among the best. The only problem that I saw with the film was the casting of Batman. Although Michael Keaton is a good actor he just didn’t seem to fit the role of the bad ass superhero. Overall the movie is fun to watch and if you like comic books this is a movie you can’t miss.

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Vladigogo said...

there were a lot of comments about the appropriateness of Keaton to play Batman, especially since he was seen as a comedic actor more than anything else.