Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Animal House (1978)


John Belushi
Tom Matheson
John Vernon

Animal house is a movie about college life. This movie clearly shows that college is the best time in life. More specifically it is about the Delta frat and there craziness. Delta is already on “Double secret probation,” and when all of the frat boys fail there exams, there fraternity is under grounds for dismissal. Throughout the movie the Delta’s play various pranks on ROTC, such as put the lieutenant’s horse in his office late at night. They give a pledge a gun (filled with blanks) and tell him to shoot the horse. The horse drops dead of a heart attack, and the pledge thinks he actually shot him. The most memorable characters in this movie are John 'Bluto' Blutarsky played by John Belushi, and Eric 'Otter' Stratton played by Tim Stratton. Bluto is the epitome of a slob. He is always dresses sloppily, and eats like a pig. Bluto is established as the most perverse character in the movie when he climbs up a ladder to a sorority house to watch girls getting naked. At the end of the scene the ladder falls back and Bluto falls at least twenty feet. This scene always amused me because when Bluto falls he bounces back up a few inches. Otter is more of a ladies man; he is always well dressed and well spoken. Otter has a way with the ladies that any guy would be jealous of. He is so good with girls that he even gets the dean Womer's wife into bed with him. If only college life was the same as the days of Animal House.

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