Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is basically a mystery about cartoons running around the Warner brother’s studio. There is a murder and Roger Rabbit is said to be the killer. The cartoons hire a detective to solve the case, but the detective is a human. He finds himself caught up in this cartoon world, trying to solve a cartoon mystery.

I really liked watching this movie because it reminded me a lot of Space Jam. I like movies like this that involve humans in cartoon worlds because it makes it seem like cartoon worlds really do exist, and brings that whole childhood fantasy to life. I also like movies like this because they are pretty uncommon. You don’t see too many movies that mix cartoons and people together. The thought of cartoons just being actors, and walking around in the real world, and real life is such a fun idea, it reminds you of being a child. You can say the same about watching a person traveling through a cartoon world, like many of the scenes show. That is equally as fun to see, it is fun to imagine that cartoon worlds really do exist.

Kathleen Turner as the voice of Jessica is wounderful. The animation done by Dean Cundey is also superb, but Brantley has a perfect way of making her voice sexy and mysterious. It fits perfectly for Jessica's sexy sultry charactor.

Bob Hoskens was good in the film in the fact that he interacted well with the cartoon charactor's. I immagine it is probably hard to have coversations with people who aren't really there, so he pulled that off well, but other than that I dont think his acting was anything special to be honest.

Overall I reccomend this movie and I liked it alot.

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Vladigogo said...

Betsy Brantlet was not the voice of Jessica Rabbit. It was Kathleen Turner and a distinctive voice as well.

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