Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beetle Juice

Starring: Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis

Beatle Juice still haunts my dreams. In the first dream I can ever remember Beetle Juice reached down with his dirty and creepy hands and grabbed my face. I immediately woke up and ran down to my parents’ room screaming. This movie is about a married couple (Barbera and Adam) that die, and once dead, a new family comes to buy there house. Barbera and Adam are now ghosts, and become very unhappy when this family begins to live in their house. The neurotic mother tries to change everything in the house with her ugly artwork, which further upsets Barbera and Adam. They try to do everything to get this family out of there house, but it just does not work. When they have no other option, they wake Beetle Juice from his grave by saying Beetle Juice three times. Beetle Juice is quite possibly the creepiest character of any 80’s film. His greenish and unshaven face makes me want to vomit. In one scene, his arms turn into snake like creatures as he terrorizes the newly settled in family. Another creepy character is the daughter, Lydia. Lydia talks very slowly, and is whiter than a piece of computer paper. She always dresses in all black and wears weird clothes, it creeps me out.

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