Thursday, November 16, 2006

another woman

This Woody Allen film is fantastic. Allen truly channels depression in this film, and shows viewers a realistic look at what its like to be on a mental downfall. Gena Rowlands character. Marion, is a very intelligent professor. She has an apartment where she writes, or attempts to, until interrupted by sounds coming through a vent on one wall of the room. She initially puts a pull over this to drown out the sound, but soon realizes that the sounds she hears are sessions with a physciatrist. This part of the movie confused me. She continues to overhear a pregnant woman (Mia Farrow) talk about her morbid depression and life. I was unsure for a good deal of the film as to whether or not this was a figment of her imagination. In keeping with Woody Allen's films, this one is set in New York. I find that Woody Allen manages more so than any other director to depict New York City in a light that resonates with New Yorkers. Back to Marion's eavesdropping; she uses these overheard sessions to reevaluate her own existence, ultimately leading her to realize many things about love's lost and her estranged relationship with her husband. She comes to find that her professional achievements and seemingly nice life simply serve as a facade to cover up her own feelings of loss and failure. The film has a cold air to it, there is some disconnect between the film and its viewers. This film isn't one to sit back and watch when you’re trying to get your mind off of things. It will make you think about your life and how you relate to these ever so complex characters. I love Woody Allen!

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