Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sixteen Candles (1984)

Molly Ringwald is the first name that comes to mind when I think of an 80's film. She is the girl next door and one of her well know films of the 80's was Sixteen Candles. This movie depicted every problem that teenagers struggled with, mainly dealing with love, high school, and being accepted. If you have only seen this movie once, you will never forget Molly Ringwald's pouty face or constant whinning. Poor Ringwald could not have had it harder in the movie, talk about having a hard time in high school and going through womanhood during all of these crazy happenings!

When Samantha Baker wakes up on her sixteenth birthday she is shocked and upset when she realizes that no one in her family remembers her birthday and everyone is only concerned with her sisters upcoming marriage. Samantha is also upset because she has not grown physically (which in high school is very important to many girls.) Samantha has a huge crush on the jock at school, Jake Ryan while the geekiest kid at school Farmer Ted has a crush on her. When it seems like her birthday could not get any worse it does when her grandparents take over her room and she must sleep on the couch. Later on the same night she attends her school dance where she confesses to Ted that she has a crush on Jake. Ted strikes a deal with Samantha and she gives him her underwear as a keepsake to show his friends since he made a bet that he would sleep with Samantha. Later that night at a party, Jake speaks with Tedd about Samantha and admits he is interested in her. Meanwhile, Samantha goes home and her parents are deeply apologetic about forgetting her birthday. At her sisters wedding she spots Jake where they speak and kiss and it is a happily ever after type of ending.

Throughout the movie you start to feel sorry for the whinney birthday girl because it truly seems like the worst birthday ever. Just when we could not handle the fact of this girl being tormented anymore with continual and terrible mishaps Jake comes along and makes the story have a happy ending. It is funny to watch her go through womanhood on camera because many girls can relate to what she is going through which makes the film even better and more enjoyable. Molly Ringwald is perfect for this character because she is an 80's girl that everyone can relate to in some way.

This movie is the 80's with its culture and music. In addition to this, the characters are seriously wacko yet intriguing at the same time which makes it a classic.

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