Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stand By Me (1986)

What a phenominal, heart warming, coming-of-age film? Director Rob Reiner's film is brilliant. It captures to perfection the loyalty of four twelve-year-old friends. Stand By Me depicts true friendship so well with humorous exchanges, youthful atmosphere, and raw dialogue, not in the least bit watered down.

This film is a great portrayal of the pre-adolescent golden age, with its intense friendships, glowing curiosity and sense of adventure. It is an age just before adolescence, an age where it is still appropriate to be a kid and go on adventures. The sight of a dead body is all the more shocking through the eyes of the four youngsters.

Somewhere after the kindergarten construction paper project and glitter years and before the sexual obsessiveness and social growth of the teen years, there's a period in which your friends are all that is important, and nothing's more pressing than a good adventure.

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