Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

"As long as there is, you know, sex and drugs, I can do without the Rock and Roll part."

I mean, how could you not love a movie whose tagline is “Does for rock and roll what ‘The Sound of Music’ did for hills.” This movie is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a mockumentary (or “rockumentary” as they call it) of a failing British rock band that is in complete denial of their dwindling fame in the US. It basically makes fun of every genre of music to date. They came from being the “flower people” to “spinal tap.” It’s just too good to be true. I nearly spit my drink on the table during the scene with the speaker that goes up to 11. The band member’s stupidity is all too real. Unlike most dumb movie characters, these people don’t have a shining moment of brilliance. They’re pretty much just burned out. The things they say bear a frightening resemblance to some of the things Ozzy said in “The Osbournes.”

One of the best aspects of the film is the relationship between the band members. There is the one guy, Derek, who has been with the band for a good amount of their career, but who still kind of fades into the background and you get the sense that he’s ok with that. The two leads of the band, David and Nigel, have been together forever. Their friendship is one of the only sweet qualities of the film. Nigel is jealous of David’s girlfriend, so he lashes out. Despite their hard rocker exterior, their friendship is pretty innocent. They’re like an old married couple and it’s really adorable.

David: What's that on your finger?
Nigel : It's my gum.
David : What are you doing with it on your finger?
Nigel : I might need it later.
David : Put it on the table, that's terrible.
Nigel : No, I might forget it on the table.
David: Fucking awful, you can't take him anywhere

“Its like how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.”

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