Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is Spinal Tap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Spinal Tap" is such a classic comedy, actually Rob Reiner (he is actually called Marty Dibergi in the film, and yes he acts!) likes to call it a "rockumentary." And "Spinal Tap" is actually the name of the dim-witted British band that takes place in the movie. This movie is so great because it blatantly mocks the 80s metal hair band movement that took place; it really makes it look retarded, and it is uproarious! Some of the jokes are songs named "Lick my love pump" or when Marty personally interviews the guitarist and asks why they should not have just made the sound system go up to 10 (instead of how it went up to eleven) and why they could not just make ten louder, the guitarist answers, "yes, but this goes up to eleven"! I definitely have to mention the part where the band gets lost backstage, as they are trying to get to the stage, and they repeatedly come to some place backstage and yell, “Helloooo Cleveland!” It is stupid little jokes that make this movie great, and the Stonehenge part makes me laugh even thinking about it! (To fill you in, the band orders a Stonehenge background piece for one of their scenes, and it turns out to be two feet tall! So they are playing a song about Stonehenge and going back in time to a Stonehenge monument where the midgets are bigger than it) Anyway, you can't help but laugh at all the goofy things in this movie!

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