Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid is a timeless classic. The story follows a young mermaid who wants nothing more than to be a human. She has grown tired of her life with fins, and wants a pair of legs to go up to the land and live among the humans. This is the classic story of someone not being satisfied with what they have. Everyone wants what they can't have, but Ariel is more than just the average person that will sit back and dream about the other side.

She decides to take her wants into her own hands and ends up making a "deal with the devil", also known as Ursula, the evil sea witch. In exchange for a pair of legs and a chance to be human, Ariel must go up on earth and she can stay there if she finds true loves kiss. The catch is, she doesn't have her voice. We watch her journey of learning how to interact with humans, and the norms of society, and see how eventually, true loves wins out yet again.

The animation in this film is great; again Disney successfully takes us into a new world we could only imagine, the world of the mer-people. The colors are beautiful, the songs are catchy, and the characters are loveable. The same applies to this movie as I have said about Beetlejuice and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the movie takes us to a world that we know doesn’t really exists, but still brings the world to life and ignites our imaginations. I love movies that take place in unrealistic settings, but make them seem real, that reminds me of being a child, and really believing those places exist.

I like this movie because I remember it from when I was a kid, but watching it now, you can appreciate the messages the film really has to offer. The film is telling you, be happy with what you have, and even when you have differences with your family, because more often than not, they are the ones who will love you the most.

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