Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crocodile Dundee

G' day Mate! Crocodile Dundee is the loveable story of a female reporter from New York who ventures down under to find a legend named "Michael J Crocodile Dundee." She goes to find Crocodile Dundee because she is writing stories about him and his bravery. Crocodile Dundee a.k.a. "Mick" is an Australian adventurist raised by Aborigines, who wrestles crocodiles and kills snakes. The story that she hears is that a crocodile bit his leg off, he then wrestled and killed the croc, and he crawled through miles of swamp to stay alive. Anyway, after a short trip through the outback, she invites him to come back to New York with her, and the rest is a trip! "Mick" brings his Aussie style to the Big Apple, and it is hilarious. The story is based around his adapting to the city life and him falling in love with the "she-la" named Sue. When watching the story, you can't help but like Mick because he is so different, and he is so funny. Actually, Mick makes everyone in the movie his friend, the prostitutes, taxi cab driver, and the limo driver (the famous actor who plays the black cop in Die Hard). One of his best lines had to had been when when he is held up by a man with a pocketknife, and he stays calm, brings out his bush knife, and says "That's not a knife, now that's a knife." Anyway pick up this movie and you are sure to be entertained and have no worries mate!

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