Thursday, November 16, 2006

Risky Business By Elyse Lightner

Sometimes  saying “what the fuck” just won’t cut it.
Talk about the ethical egoist of the decade. Tom cruise starts his binge of selfish acts by cranking up the sound system and dancing around the house to Bob Seger (without pants) after his father had just told him not to mess with the speaker system. Next, he doesn’t object when his friend calls a hooker to his house; when (s)he isn’t good enough, he calls another one to do nothing other than please himself. He tips off the evening by taking the Porsche out after his father specifically ordered him not to.
Of course, not all can go well: the hooker he ordered stole his mothers prized egg, the Porsche falls into Lake Michigan, and a pimp stole all of the living room furniture.
To save his own butt, Tom cruise devises a plan to get out of trouble. He decides to start his own “business” by throwing a party for all of his geeky, young friends with available hookers lingering around. Tom makes a cut of everything the hookers bring in for the evening and with the money, miraculously affords to buy back all the missing furniture, egg, and fix the car. Along the way he finds himself accepted to Princeton University.
Tom cruise admits to “helping is friends out” solely for the purpose of saving himself from getting yelled at and forever being indebted to his parents.
Somehow he pulls it off. If only being an ethical egoist were this easy for everyone.
 Check out this trend started by tom cruise in this film.  And this movie review!

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