Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I remember watching Beetlejuice when I was younger and being afraid of it, but I loved the movie so much when I watched it this second time. The movie is about a young newlywed couple living in a small town. They crash their car and drown in a river. They find themselves back in their house, only to realize they are actually dead. They find a manual on life for the recently deceased, and try to start adjusting to their new circumstances.

Thing start out rocky for them, but after awhile they start to get the hang of things; that is, until the new residents move into their house. The family of three, father, step mother, and teenage daughter, are not exactly the kind of house guests they were expecting. The wife starts re-arranging everything, with new furnishings and all the works. As the ‘s get more and more desperate for help, they stumble upon an ad for someone who could help them. They find out who this man is, they find out he is not actually the best person to help them, and he causes more trouble than he does help.

The whole movie follows them through their journey of dealing with Beetlejuice, their new housemates, and their new state of “living”. The movie is so funny, and has a lot of humor in it that I defiantly didn’t catch onto when I saw it the first time around. I love movies by Tim Burton. I love his wild imagination and his wounderful way of bringing creepy things to life. This is a perfect Tim Burton movie, and I loved every minute of it.

It is also really funny to see such a young Wynona Rider and Alec Baldwin. I actually thought Alec Baldwin was pretty handsome in this movie. Wynona rider looks so young it is funny to see. I think the wife’s character was one very well by Geena Davis. She was wounderful for this part. Also, the principal from Ferris Bueller was a perfect choice as the father. He seems to have popped up a lot in movies of the 80’s as the kind of typical adult male figure, oblivious, money hungry, and just a big joke.

My favorite times in the movie are the scenes where they are in the afterlife help office place. I love Burton’s imagination and creativity, he really brings those places to life. He always has interesting charactors for his movies.

Overall I loved this movie a lot and recommend it to everyone.

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