Friday, November 09, 2007

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures

In 1989 one of the cheesiest, but coolest movies came out Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. It was based around the two main characters Bill, Alex Winter, and Ted, Keanu Reeves chronicling their high-school lives, their attempt of creating a band Wyld Stallions and time travel. The boys are in a dilemma with a history report they have to present to the entire school, which they need an A on so they can pass the class. Ted really needs to pass or else his Dad is going to send him to a military academy in Alaska. They meet a man by the name of Rufus, who introduces them to the telephone booth time transporter to assist Bill and Ted with their project. They travel back in time and round up the some of the most historical figures; Napoleon, Beethoven, Billy the Kid, Ganghus Kahn, Sigmund Freud, Joan of Arc and Abe Lincoln. I’m not going to say what happens at the end because you must watch it!
It’s blatantly obvious that this film was a product of the 1980’s. The clothes were horrendous. Ted was walking around in a leather jacket that looks like it’d fit a ten year old and Bill is strutting around in a short tidied t-shirt with a sweater tied around his waist. What more do I have to say? Also, the futuristic clothing that Rufus wears is quite amusing because it’s nothing like what anyone wears today. Metal music was very popular during this ridiculous era and coincidentally Bill and Ted started a metal band, which is stereotypical of kids in the 1980’s.
I definitely recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it because it’s hilarious. Some of the scenes were very entertaining like when they went back in time and snatched Billy the Kid and Joan of Arc. There are some hilarious scenes throughout the movie but the best one was when Napoleon goes to the water park. But, don’t get me wrong there were some dull moments because let’s face it Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter aren’t really the greatest actors to ever exist and it’s probably the only role Keanu Reeves is good at playing and the same goes for Alex Winter. I urge you to watch this and you will always picture Keanu Reeves and the no name actor Alex Winter as Bill and Ted.

Fast Times

Heeeeyyyyy buuuuuddd let’s party. In 1982, the American classic Fast Times At Ridgemont High was released and it has quickly grown into one of the most popular movies ever. It was a story chronicling the lives of California teenagers who were infatuated with the mall and sex. However, the film focused particularly on the lives of Spicoli and Stacy Hamilton. Spicoli is a burnout and is having trouble in school, especially in Mr. Hands U.S history class. Stacy Hamilton has been experiencing with sex and becomes pregnant. I’m not going to say by whom because you’ll have to watch to find out. Cameron’s main theme within the movie is the rise of the youth rebellion.
This absolutely was a distinct 1980’s movie. This was the time when Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Lee first broke into the movie scene. The fashion style of the girls in the movie is typical of the decade with all the accessories for example the scrunchies in the hair. Hairstyles portrayed for example Spicoli’s long shaggy hair and Stacy’s side ponytail were the popular hairstyles for the individual sexes. However, another feature of the movie making it distinctively 80’s is the theme, the youth rebellion. During the 1980’s especially in film, teenagers were now pushing the limits of their parents, which was never seen before in the movie industry.
There wasn’t really ever a dull moment because the comedy is hilarious throughout the entire movie thanks to Spicoli and his wicked funny one-liners. Not to mention it has one of the most famous movie scenes ever; when Linda steps out of the pool dripping wet, oh how dreamy. I really, really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it if you’re in the mood to laugh hysterically. Actually now that I think about it, should be considered a crime not seeing this flick.

Beverly Hills Cop

In 1984 a classic police movie was born, Beverly Hills Cop. A hot-shot Detroit Detective, Axel Foley, receives a surprise visit from his buddy Mike from California. However, Mike’s stay didn’t last long in Detroit as he was murdered right in front of Axel. Foley decides to purse the murderer, Zach and follows him to California. There Detective Foley teams up with two clownshoe Beverly Hills police officers; Billy Rosewood and Sergeant John Taggart to solve Mike Tandino’s murder.
Beverly Hill’s Cop is blatantly a 1980’s movie. Eddie Murphy was in the prime of his career as an actor, and everyone knew who he was because he was a comedic icon during the decade. Also some of the clothing choices were typical of the era, for example Sergeant Taggart’s plaid suit he wears before they raid the house and Axel’s lettermen jacket. The elctronic beats in the songs throughout the movie were stereotypical of songs in the decade as well. The theme song to Beverly Hill’s Cop is one of the most well-known in movie history.
I definitely recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it because it’s very entertaining. There was never a dull moment because Beverly Hills Cop has the best of both worlds action and comedy. The action scenes were wicked intense. The one’s in particular are when Axel, Billy and John storm Victor Maitland’s house and the shootout at the warehouse. Also, the non-stop comedy from he oh so sarcastic Eddie Murphy adds to the enjoyment of watching this classic film.