Thursday, November 16, 2006

Empire Strikes Back

David Grosvenor

The film Empire Strikes Back, directed by Georges Lucas in 1980, is a galactic movie like no other. Empire Strikes Back is the 5th part to a six series saga of the famous Star Wars movies. Although created second out of the six because of where it is placed on the time line it is labeled as number five. The movie takes place in a galaxy far away where there is a constant battle between good, the rebellion, and evil, the imperials.

Empire Strikes Back begins on an icy planet called Hoth where the rebellion is hiding out in fear of being captured by the imperials. Eventually the imperials discover the secret hide out and launch a full fledge attack on the planet. Shortly after the battle Luke, played by Mark Hamill, is told by his old jedi master that he must go search out a Jedi master by the name of Yoda. After leaving Hoth Luke follows obi-ones, Luke’s jedi master, advice and goes to the planet Dagobah to learn how to become a Jedi himself.

As Luke is on the forest planet his friends become captured by the evil imperial forces and are desperate for health. By using the force Luke is able to see his friends in need and quickly runs to their aid. When trying to save his friends Luke is forced to fight a sith lord named Darth Vader. While fighting Vader Luke finds out that his enemy is actually his father. At the end of the movie Luke is forced to run away from the battle and escape with his friends off the planet.

George Lucas might have created the best sequel to any movie possible when he created this film. This movie and the other two in this classic trilogy might all be in the top ten of my favorite movies. The plot is fantastic and if sci-fi is your thing you can’t beat the Star Wars movies. With the amount of money George Lucas had to make the first one I am surprised it was good enough to have made a second and a third for that matter. If you haven’t seen this movie yet I highly advise it.

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