Tuesday, November 14, 2006



When one thinks of a classic musical Annie comes to mind. How could anyone forget the cute, spunky, and fun Annie. She is a strong character and represents that anything is possible.

Annie is the story of a group of orphans that live in an orphanage controlled my mean and evil Miss Hannigan. She is a greedy drunk and makes the girls clean all day and night. One day, a secretary of Mr. Warbucks-a multi millionaire comes into the orphanage looking for a girl to "borrow" as a publicity stunt for Mr. Warbucks. With much hesitation, Miss Hannigan hands over Annie. When Annie arrives at the Warbucks mansion she is in awe because she has never seen anything like it in her life. But before she gets too comfortable Mr. Warbucks tells the secretary he wants Annie to go back to the orphanage because he wanted a boy. But, as the plot unravels, a very close relationship develops between Annie and "Daddy" Warbucks and he adopts her making this a happily ever after story.

While this is a child's film, it also appeals to adults in the content of Miss Hannigans behavior. Throughout the film, Carol Burnett, who plays Miss Hannigan is hysterical because she is always in a drunken stupor, falling off her chair, and slurring her words.

While Annie is a family comedy it is also a musical. The children dancing in this film are very good, with ten year olds doing backhand springs. The songs are also memorable with "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" and "It's a Hard Knock Life." Once you leave the theatre these songs will never leave your head.

Annie is a true warm hearted classic that is perfect for the whole family. Compared to many other 80's movies for children it is good. When one thinks of 80's movies, this does not come to mind, mainly because most of the music is not synthesized.

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