Friday, November 17, 2006

Coming To America

Coming To America (1988)

A comedy/drama, “Coming To America” is a great film that is very fun to watch. Starring Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem (and a few other characters), he travels from his throne in Africa to Queens, New York to find the love of his life, whoever it may be. While he is in America, he indulges in their society and is amazed at all of the cultural differences.

Most of all, this is a film dominated by blacks, ranging from Africans to African Americans. What makes this movie so fun and entertaining to watch is the humor that Murphy’s character provides. Throughout the film, his oblivion to American society as well as his generosity to strangers in a bad, foreign neighborhood is funny in itself, and not to mention the delightful pleasure of watching an Eddie Murphy comedy, one of his originals at that.

This movie is not strictly a comedy; it is also a light hearted love story at the same time. However, it never is too serious, as it is constantly on the humorous side of things. The film also includes other well known actors such as Arsenio Hall as Semmi (and a few other characters), James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer, and a cameo appearance by Samuel L. Jackson in his first Hollywood movie.

Eddie Murphy gives a deliberate goofy side to all of his characters which makes this movie very humorous. If you are looking for a good laugh but something not too intense to watch on a random night in which you have nothing to do, head to the movie store and rent “Coming To America” if you have not already seen it.

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