Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Goonies by Elyse Lightner

The whole premesis of the Goonies is based on the eviction notice of the entire small town to turn the bay side town into a private country club. The characters are introduced according to their quirky qualities and together unite at the group leaders house, Mikey’s. Together the clan attempts to “save” their town by recovering enough booty from one eyed Willie’s treasure chest to pay the expenses in order to keep their homes. They embark on one last adventure as a group not knowing that they will cross many ethical issues along the way.
Firstly they act in a utilitarian way in that they are selflessly attempting to make the neighborhood their home again. They are making the majority of people happy by searching for wealth together; any one of the Goonies could have taken the map and sought the treasure for himself and made a great deal more wealth if he had taken it all for himself. The Goonies introduce the idea of ethical egoism. The kids act on the principle that they are doing what makes them feel best which is saving their family and keeping their group of friends together.
The typical 80s enemy creates conflict in the film. The Fratelli brothers threaten the lives of the Goonies in an attempt to selfishly reach the treasure before the clan. The outcome in typical 80s films ends up happy and the Goonies prevail in the end. A small sack of gems is all the kids need to save the neighborhood from the antagonistic developers.
The pirate actually turns out to be a decent band so check them out here.
this is the ultimate site for the film!

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