Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dirty Dancing (1987)

It is funny to think that Annie and Dirty Dancing were made only made five years apart because Dirty Dancing obviously had a much larger bugdet. Dirty Dancing is definitely a chick flick because it involves a lot of dancing, girl drama, and studly Patrick Swayze. It is a film that teenage girls dragged their boyfriends to or made them watch over and over again. The film epitomizes every teenage girls fantasy because who wouldn't want to be dancing with sweaty bad boy Patrick Swayze all day long?

Dirty Dancing is set in the Catskill mountains starring Jennifer Grey (Baby) and Patrick Swayze (Johnny). Baby is a character of low self-esteem who has basically been living in a bubble her entire life and whose parents baby her to no end. She has always enjoyed dancing but has not been very good at it or at least she does not have enough confidence to think so. One night while Baby is with her family at the ballroom dance, she sees a Latin dance demonstration by Johnny and his partner Penny. As soon as she sees this performance, she is in awe and interested in learning to dance. When Penny his dance partner needs to get an abortion and cannot dance, Baby immediately tries to fill her position. Since Johnny works for the resort and Baby's parents were strict, they had to keep this a secret. While Johnny teaches Baby dance moves, he gets frustrated with her a lot, but at the same time romance starts to develop and sparks fly between the two. When Baby's dad finds out she is seeing Johnny he flips out and insists she never see him again. When Johnny is accused of stealing money from the resort. Baby stands up for him but he eventually gets fired for having an affair with a guest. In the final scene Johnny returns to the resort targets baby in the corner in the famous line saying, "nobody puts baby in the corner." The two get up on the stage and perform. In the end, Baby's parents are proud and look at her as more than just a child.

Even though it does manage to be your typical 80's fairy tale it still shows a struggle, that exists between the working class and the upper class which makes it easy for viewers to relate to. In addition to this, with the good music and dance moves it gets the audience excited. I know that after I saw the movie I wanted to learn how to dance like Baby. While all women love this movie, men often despise it since it since it is like a Star Wars for girls.

I truly believe this is one of the greatest 80's dance movies made and recommend it highly to all teenage girls or any boys that have a fetish for Patrick Swayze and dancing.

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