Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Caddyshack (1980)


Rodney Dangerfield

Chevy Chase

Bill Murray

Caddyshack is my all time favorite comedy. This movie takes a comedic approach in showing the separation of class. Rodney Dangerfield plays a showy real estate developed named Al Czervik. This character constantly feuds with Judge Elihu Smails, a stuck up member of the town’s prestigious Bushwood Country Club. Chevy Chase plays Ty Webb, a cool, smooth, and calm golfer. He is amazing at golf, and can sink practically any shot. Ty’s calmness and tranquility contrast the feud between Judge Smails and Al, putting their conflict under a magnifying glass. I thought the most entertaining scene of the movie was when Al ran his speed boat through Judge Smails’ brand new sail boat. Judge Smails built that boat by hand, and was absolutely devastated when this happen. The expression on his face when Al sinks his boat is absolutely priceless. The wrath of the wake from Al’s giant speed boat also causes damage to a floating party in the middle of the ocean. When this float party gets knocked over, many dressed up people into the ocean. The conflict between the Al and the Judge is absolutely hilarious, and Al’s comedic personality makes Judge Smails look like a stuck up idiot. Another character to love is groundskeeper, played by Bill Murray. His mission throughout the film is to kill the gopher. The Gopher constantly pops up throughout the golf course, and is full of personality.

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