Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mystic Pizza (1988)

Mystic Pizza takes place in Mystic, Connecticutt and tells the story of three very different girls finding themselves while working for Leona at Mystic Pizza. For all the girls' differences they have one common thread; they are all uncertain of their futures and at times, of themselves.

JoJo (Lili Taylor) is in what we assume to be a long term relationship with Tim, an average Joe who works as a fisherman. JoJo ditches him at the alter because she just can't go through with it. This however, doesn't seem to bother him or her and through rocky times, they end up together.

Kat Arujo (Annabeth Gish) is one of the two sisters that work for Leona at Mystic Pizza. In the beginning, Kat is presented as the responsible, intelligent one of the family. She has been accepted to Yale and is working both her job at the pizza parlour and as a nanny to an architect's daughter. She becomes close with the daughter; but much more close with the married father, proving that even the smartest people and make bad decisions leading to someone getting hurt. In the end, her tears are comforted by her sponaneous sister, Daisy Arujo played by Julia Roberts.

Roberts steals the show in the second film for which she is credited. Daisy Arujo is the wild girl of the three, sneaking beer into the country club and staying out playing pool with men in town. She meets Charles Gordon Windsor, Jr. (William R. Moses) on just such a night. Windsor comes from a different walk of life. He's a trust fund baby who rides around Mystic in his Porsche, which later Daisy pours barrels of fish into. The relationship is rocky, Daisy's friends warn her to be careful around such rich playboys and his family proves to be less than welcoming. The fish incident occurs after she thinks he is seeing another girl, but the girl turns out to be his sister. In the classic Hollywood ending, the two overcome the social barriers that separate them and we get the impression they will be getting back together. (Sounds a bit like Pretty Woman, eh?)

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