Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big (1988)

Starring Tom Hanks

is directed by Penny Marshall and stars Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks plays the adult version of josh, a boy who wishes he could just grow up. One day his wish comes true and he wakes up a full grown man(Tom Hanks). Tom Hanks’ acting is brilliant throughout this film. He perfectly convinced me that there was a twelve year old boy trapped inside his body. With help from friend best friend Billy, Josh moves into New York City. The first scene in the run down ghetto hotel shows just how good Hank’s acting really is. Josh cries and whimpers in his bed at the sound of gun shots. I have never scene an actor who is so good at acting scared. Once in the city, Josh gets a job with a toy company, and pitches ideas for new toys. Throughout this movie Josh becomes more and more adult-like. He begins to talk and act mature, but becomes much more materialistic. He becomes wrapped up in his work, as well as his new love interest with his coworker, Susan. He is too wrapped up in his work and girlfriend that he no longer has time for his best friend Billy. The most memorable scene from BIG is the piano scene. Josh and his boss Frank play a popular tune with there on an enlarged floor piano. This scene shows both Frank and Josh jumping around back and fourth, portraying the greatness and fun of childhood. At the end of the movie, Josh just wants to be a kid again and live the rest of his youth. The most important theme shown in this movie is the innocence of youth.

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