Thursday, November 16, 2006


Scarface (1983)

If anyone were to ask me who my favorite gangster character from a movie was, I would say without hesitation: Tony Montana from “Scarface.” When the Cuban refugees were sent down to Miami in the 1970’s by Fidel Castro, there was an outbreak of crime. “Scarface” is a fictional story of one Cuban refugee, Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who works his way to the top by selling cocaine.

The story builds around Montana and his entire journey from rags to riches. It literally begins with him at a Cuban refugee camp, and once he and his main comrade, Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer) escape, they are in desperate need of money. This is where Montana’s long, crazy, and adventurous journey starts. With practically nothing to lose, Montana would rather die than continue to live poor.

The genius of this film comes from the brilliant acting of Pacino. Personally, it is my favorite Pacino film, although the Godfathers I and II come very close. Whenever I watch this film, I just get lost in Pacino’s acting, which makes it a thriller every time. If you enjoy mafia films and don’t mind a bit of violence every now and then, see “Scarface.”

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