Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Top Gun (1986)


Tom Cruise
Kelly McGillis
Val Kilmer
Anthony Edwards

Top Gun could quite possibly be my favorite 80’s film. This movie is about Maverick, the character played by Tom Cruise. Maverick goes to an elite flight school, where he competes in the Top Gun competition. In this competition, the winner receives the Top Gun award. There is a constant conflict between Maverick and Ice man. Ice Man, played by Val Kilmer, is known as the best pilot in all of Top Gun. Maverick is known as the badass of this movie, and does crazy stunts which get him into trouble. My favorite stunt is when he does a fly by next to mission control and makes one of the sergeants spill coffee on their lap. No matter what, Maverick always seems to be getting himself in trouble. This “tough guy” characterization of Maverick pays off when he ends up romancing the prettiest women in all of flight school. It just so happens that this women, Charlie, is his flight instructor. Maverick fulfills the American dream, as well as every boy’s fantasy and hooks up with his teacher. Director Tony Scott Steams up this movie even more by adding in a volleyball scene where Tom Cruise plays shirtless. His sweat and sand covered body makes girls just want to reach out and touch the screen. On the darker side, Maverick’s partner goose dies at the end of the movie. This scene made me cry as a little boy, and scarred me for life.

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