Wednesday, November 15, 2006


"The first casualty of war is innocence."

Platoon was made in 1986 is one of the many Vietnam war stories that have come from the 80s. It is a no B.S. film, as it shows all of the horrors of war. The film does this through the narration and view of Charlie Sheen's character Private Chris Taylor. He joins the military because he wants to have a deeper understanding of life and because he wants to learn practical things about life. As he is in Vietnam, he realizes the horrible side of mankind. He sees horrible things (other than those in war) such as murders and rapes. The whole movie is very ethical, and a central point of this movie is the scene in which they are in the Cambodian Village. In this village, many innocent people are hurt, their homes are destroyed, and the women are raped. It really shows how uncivilized man can be, even as we think of the military as the most right and moral organization and people. The main cover of this movie is a very symbolic picture. It is of Sargeant Elias Grodin (William Defoe), who was shot by his own troops, and left behind by his own troops to die. It is very symbolic because it almost looks as if he is throwing his hands up and looking up at the sky asking, why. Anyway pick this movie up only if you are ready for a real account of war and if you can stand the disturbing things in this movie!

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