Wednesday, November 15, 2006

heathers: possibly the best teen movie ever

What a satire. Heathers is so good because it makes a mockery of what happens when high schoolers take themselves too seriously. Veronica, played by Winona Ryder, is a new addition to the "popular group." This group consists of three girls named Heather. The fact that they all have the same name is hysterical as it is literal representation of how teenage girls are often so similar to their friends in every aspect: they attempt to look, talk, and act in identical ways. On the same note, the movie satirizes the idea of non-conformity. Winona hesitantly befriends these ridiculous girls, secretly hating them the entire time. She is absolutely gorgeous in the movie, as is Christian Slater who plays her psycho-turned-murderer-by-the-end-of-the-movie. Basically, Slater ends up killing off Veronica's enemies; she is involved too, covering up the deaths as teenage suicides. I wonder if people loved this film when it came out or if it was too much for the common viewer to handle as it does make fun of suicide in a sense. Heathers sheds light on the cruelty of high school. It also represents stock stereotypes such as jocks, mean pretty girls, the poor fat people (Martha who they call "Dumptruck") and the outcasts (JD). Heathers is also a social commentary of the duality of teens That is to say, teenagers consider themselves intellectuals and may even be them, but they proceed to act incredibly ridiculous when around their peers. This film should stand the test of time, although one can't help laughing at the ridiculous 80's style.
Buy this movie, it's a classic! :

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