Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pretty In Pink By Elyse Lightner

Talk about a stereotype of an 80s film- this one has it all: the upper-class boy who falls for a poor girl and has to face being ridiculed by his friends, and the prom. Sounds oddly similar to the film “She’s All That” where Freddy Prince Junior and Andrew McCarthy are the attractive rich boys that have previously disposed of women at their will. Molly Ringwald and Rachael Leigh Cook are the girls from the wrong side of the tracks that have no interest in going to prom and loath the preppy boys at school that they end up going with. Somewhere within these quirky circumstances the girls fall in love with their previous nemesis only to discover that she is a bet or placed on the back burner because she is too low class for her so called date.
The ethical question has been raised in this and many other similar films of whether or not the boys should stay with the girl. Should they take the utilitarian approach and dump the girls? This approach is much easier and would please more people and make the boys’ life run a little bit smoother but would ruin the chance of maybe finding love. The alternative is to take the ethical egoist approach and say, “screw you all, I’m happy and I’ll do what I want.” The movies all end up the same though and ultimately the men choose the latter. Love always withstands setbacks in 80s films.

For all those Pretty in Pink super fans out there, this is the site for you.

And a whole lot of pictures from the production of the film!

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