Monday, November 20, 2006

Overboard by Elyse Lightner

This film is about a snooty woman who sails around on her yacht with her husband and is forced to stop in a country port because of overdue maintenance. While in port, Goldie Hawn hires a carpenter, Kurt Russell, to build shelves in her closet for more show space. When Kurt doesn’t build the shelves to her expectations, she throws him “overboard” literally and figuratively, without pay. Late the next night after the ship has set sail once again, Goldie Hawn walks on deck to retrieve her wedding ring, which she left there earlier. Fatefully, she too, falls overboard. In the cold water, she catches amnesia and forgets her name. The Psyche ward posts signs asking who the woman is and as revenge Kurt Russell takes her back to his shack of a house with four rowdy boys. She doesn’t adjust at first but eventually falls into a routine of disciplining the boys and ultimately ends up falling for the carpenter. However, she eventually comes to and puts the pieces together of where she came from. She leaves the slums and sets sail with her husband once again. She realizes though that she is not as happy doing nothing and being spoiled. She ends up turning around and going back to Kurt in the end. These two real life lovers live happily ever after. The moral of the story here is that love can withstand anything. Unlike most 80s films, this one argues that money isn’t everything, contrary to the 80s mentality which is work hard and earn lots. Family values play a major part in this film.

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