Thursday, November 23, 2006

Annie By Elyse Lightner


Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Annie is a typical play of the 80s because of the standard happy ending. There are many obstacles that little Annie overcomes but ultimately finds a family who she loves and is who is willing to adopt the troubled child. Annie is about a girl whose parents leave her in an orphanage but promise to come back to her after a while. The owner of the children center, Mrs. Hannigan, makes the girls do work around the house, serve her, and rarely allow the girls to play outside; basically the only reason she has the job is to pay bills not because she cares for the kids. After many hard nights spent in the home, a wealthy man, Daddy Warbucks, finally comes to take Annie into his house and rescue Annie. The saved orphan celebrates her happiness thorough song. While the staff treat Annie very well, Daddy Warbucks has never had children before and doesn’t know how to act around kids; Annie’s charming personality makes Daddy warm up to her and treats her like his own. After many tribulations and arguments over the legality of adopting Annie, Daddy Warbucks finally prevails and gets as he wishes, to adopt Annie into his family and refer to her as his own.
This tell tale happy story tells of Annie going from being an orphan slaving at the hands of Ms. Hannigan to having people work for her; the staff at the Warbuck mansion bring an entire new wardrobe to Annie and wait on her hand and foot. Annie does not forget where she came from though, she convinces Daddy Warbucks to buy the orphanage and revamp it so the house is enjoyable for the other children to live in and on top of that has Ms. Hannigan removed from ownership.
this is a site to see how to help American Orphans and how the houses are run in the present.

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