Thursday, June 02, 2011


Platoon could be considered one of the great war movies of the 20th century due to its accurate portrayal of Vietnam and the moral decisions soldier’s face in the heat of battle. Not only is it directed by Oliver Stone and incorporates his unique style and view of film, but also, it stars many young actors who got big breaks from their roles in this film. Additionally, the film took home an academy award in 1987. Platoon is the story of a young, naive Chris Taylor, played by Charlie Sheen, who gives up on college to go fight in Vietnam. Platoon shows the horrors of Vietnam and the effects it has on everyone, but especially those of young soldiers. Sheen’s character soon realizes there is a split in his platoon after illegal killings during a village raid. While dealing with his own issues of asking himself what is he doing in the middle of the jungle fighting for god knows what, he has to deal with his two commanding officers, played by William Dafoe and Tom Berenger who both have different views of how war should be fought and soldiers built. Chris realizes he is not only fighting a war against the Vietnamese, but also between the men in his platoon who have taken sides. Some young actors who got their breaks in Platoon were Johnny Depp, who plays Lerner, Kevin Dillon, who plays Bunny, and Forrest Whitaker, who plays Big Harold. Stone himself also makes a brief cameo as a sergeant in the bunker.

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I have used this film in class before. It works well.