Thursday, June 02, 2011


Hellraiser produced by Christopher Figg and directed by Clive Barker is a horror movie about demons. This movie was really weird and creepy. If you enjoy torture, sadism, dominatrix, and gore then you will enjoy this film. An antique puzzle box is found in Morocco, which opens doors into other dimensions and brings 4 demons, which are considered “demon to some, Angel to others”. A family moves in the husband’s old family home, the wife soon find out that the Uncle is dead but brought back to life and living in the attic. I found it a little ridiculous that the wife would want to be with the husband’s brother even though he was like a zombie/dead. He also is able to manipulate the wife into willing killing her husband and trying to kill the daughter as well. Also the special effects and costumes were extremely fake looking especially with the demons and creatures that came through the portals. I enjoyed the Cenobites or the demons that were extremely scary with their faces distorted by pins and nails. Pinhead one of the demon’s says, “We’ll tear your soul apart” a famous line known throughout horror films. The ending ruined the movie for me it was scary until a man that appeared only once before in the film appeared at the end of the film and turned into a skeleton dragon, it seemed to not fit into the film at all and had no connection to the story line.

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