Thursday, June 02, 2011


Clue is produced Jonathan Lynn that is based off of the murder mystery game. This movie is a classic thriller/murder mystery movie and at times humorous. The movie begins with a scary house I the middle of nowhere, with a thunderstorm, and guard dogs in the front. The movie was set up in a mansion that made the viewers no that something bad was going to happen and made the movie scarier. All of the guests are given aliases to hide their real identities as to why they were all brought there. They all realize that are from Washington and connected to the government and have yet to find out who the host is and who sent them the invitations. The guests are given weapons as a present from the man supposedly black mailing them for secrets each has. One by one people begin to get murdered. The classic part that you see in all murder movies was when the group decides to split up and search the house, when groups split up someone is always bound to die. Soon the house is locked and someone steals the main key, then the classic scary movie with the lights and the phone being turned off by the murderer. I found this movie to be enjoyable because you did not know immediately who the murderer was. The movie was like the game, and created a game for the viewers to try and figure out who the murderer was, how and why they did it.

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