Thursday, June 02, 2011

Krush Groove (1985)

Based on the beginnings of Def Jam recordings and it's producer Russell Simmons, this movie takes us through the burgeoning hip hop era of the 80's. Def Jam is Krush Groove in the film, and Russell Simmons is re-named Russell Walker, played by Blair Underwood in his first feature film.
I feel like every generation has it's one big musical mash up movie, and this one definitely belonged to the 80's. I enjoyed watching artists such as Run- DMC, The Fat Boys, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys perform as well as attempt to act. Krush Groove portrayed the process of aspiring artists trying to gain a record label, and also the struggles a recording company went through to support and promote their artists. Every character seems to play themselves in the film except for Russell Walker's character. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely enjoyable, but then again I love watching musicians act. It's horrifyingly entertaining, yet I was mostly in it for the musical numbers. Actually, I blame the script. The script was atrocious. But when you're writing a screenplay about the music industry, I guess the music has to have more substance. Much like Xanadu and Under the Cherry Moon, I felt like I was watching one long music video for old school hip hop.

The music definitely makes up for the cheesy goodness that is Krush Groove. Baby LL Cool J was just too adorable for his own good. What happened to good, wholesome hip hop anyway? If you're a hip hop fan that misses the good ol' days where women and money weren't the main subjects of rap songs, you'll probably enjoy this film.

Or sweet R&B? I don't want to hear about being trapped in a closet. I'd love these guys to sing and dance for me!

I'm making this my ringtone. Well, it's been real 80's films.

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