Friday, June 03, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985)

Sarah Jessica Parker before she's in Sex and the City? SO much better. Girls Just Want to Have Fun is an 80's movie at its finest. The film shows the fashion of the 80's with the leg warmers, leotards, spandex, big hair, scrunchies, etc.
Another reason I love this movie so much is the main character's best friend, Lynne.
Lynne is out- spoken and has the wildest style I have yet to see. She sits back the whole film and watches Jayne dance on television and get the bad boy. Without Lynne, Jayne wouldn't have gotten half as far as she did.
The problem in GJWTHF is that Jayne's fath
er does not support or condone her dancing. He gives her a strict curfew which he expects her to uphold. When she doesn't, he puts an alarm on her window- it's a little extreme if you ask me.
Another great character is Jayne's dance partners sister. She reminds me of myself frankly, maybe that's because I think she is so funny.
We can't forget about Jayne's hunk dance partner though, Jeff, played by Lee Montgomery. He rides a motorcycle and knows how to dance. Total heart throb. Seriously, I didn't even live in the 80's and I love this movie. It was definitely a popular one back in the day and definitely a must see.

Check out the final dance scene: The music will be stuck in your head all day.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to read a positive overview of this 1980's dance movie. I've read some scathing reviews but the movie must be judged within the context of the time--a time when I was in my teens in Australia, with a strict Dad and the desire to just lash out and be creative. It's amazing how many people relate to this film. I actually think that SJP's performance is quite natural. Sadly, Lee Montgomery did not act for much longer, but he was equally as engaging in his role. Strangely, this movie has inspired me in more ways than one...