Monday, May 30, 2011

Beverly Hills Cop is one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest roles to date. The film grossed 234 million dollars in the box office making it the biggest hit of 1984 just narrowly passing Ghostbusters. Any movie with Eddie Murphy is going to be wildly funny and entertaining. He combines his comedy and acting perfectly. He also perfectly uses his comedy skills to defuse situations sometimes even playing the race card when he knows it will seal whatever deal he is working on. Axel Fowley is a Detroit cop who heads to Beverly Hills, California to solve the murder of his best friend. The difference between Beverly Hills and Detroit is like comparing night and day. Total opposites. Any movie that has an outsider in a new culture is usually pretty comical and the fact that Eddie Murphy is playing that outsider makes it even better. Everyone remembers his role as William Raymond "Billy Ray" Valentine in Trading Places where he plays the street bum turned Wall Street mogul all part of a joke between to wealthy brothers. To top the film off you have the always-amusing Judge Rheinhold also known as Brad Hamilton from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Murphy went on to make Beverly Hills cop II and III reprising the role of Axel Fowley and pulling stunts such as stuffing bananas into the exhaust of cars while he makes a quick getaway. They are talks of making a fourth film due to Murphy’s disappointment with the third film. Bret Ratner from Rush Hour has been attached to the film saying it will be R rated.

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