Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sure Thing

So if anyone was wondering what movies would pop up when they typed in “Best 80s Romantic Comedies” on Google… this is it.  I was originally attracted to this movie because I recognized John Cusack’s name as the star.  I read the synopsis and thought I’d give it a shot because it featured college students, so naturally it would target my age group. 
“The Sure Thing” is definitely a great 80s romantic comedy, especially if you want to watch an awkward young John Cusack.  The plot is incredibly predictable and at times I got very frustrated with the stubborn characters but overall I really enjoyed it.  It pokes fun at adolescence and the lengths teenagers will go just to get laid.  John Cusack’s character, Walter “Gib” Gibson, is the complete opposite to the female lead character, Alison Brabury (played by Daphne Zuniga).  Alison is a driven, intellectual and very sheltered college freshman while Gib is quite the opposite.  However, as we all know, even the most unlikely opposites always seem to attract.
Gib's "Sure Thing"

The plot is witty, although a tad predictable, and reminds me of many of the romantic comedies of today.  It’s not the most intellectually stimulating movies and there is absolutely no action (certainly not a Die Hard) but there is friendship and the pursuit of love…or lust.  This movie also certainly has its comedic parts and I was definitely laughing out loud especially during the first part of their road trip.
All in all, the guy gets the girl and saves her from her dull boyfriend.  Like I said, quite predictable but the journey is entertaining.  I’d see it again and recommend it for my friends.

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Vladigogo said...

And of course it was directed by Rob Reiner, I believe, who went on to other great flicks.