Thursday, June 02, 2011

No Holds Barred (1989)

Ay Brother Listen up this is my first feature film, so take it easy on me. I'm the WWF champion, I'm untouchable. The role was pretty difficult considering the fact that my character is a Wrestler named Rip. My mustache and hair are as blonde as they have ever been before. I will admit thou Brother I wasn't feeling the blue and white they put me in. I bleed red and yellow. Can you believe they would give me such a lame catch phrase " Rip Em" and make me throw up these gang signs.

I will admit I butchered a few of my lines in the script. You know a wrestler can only take so many elbows to the head. Plus I think I may have made the movie better by doing so. Brell the scumbag who owns the World Television Network wanted me to sign a contract I said "No" because it's what I do. He creates this tournament called "Battle of the Tough Guys" who names a wrestling event that? When big Zeus thinks he can out shine me, let me tell you Brother!! He has another thing coming. I don't lose in the movies and I don't lose in real life.

I was going to Rip this guys head off..But instead I made him crap his pants!!

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