Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Airplane (1980)

Airplane is one of my favorite classic movies. But what makes airplane?

First, Airplane is really funny. Its brand of humor appeals to all types, andeven hardened skeptics might find themselves chuckling at some of its bawdy humor. For example, when the blow-up doll auto pilot, which is a funny/strange concept on its own, deflates and has to be reinflated, the only means of doing so is through blowing into a pipe located near its belt buckle.

That all seems fine on paper but when it is acted out in film, blowing on the pipe looks like giving the plastic auto pilot oral sex. Another example is when two kids are trying to act like adults in a very formal situation and the boy asks the girl the girl if she wants cream in her coffee. Her response is “no thank you, I take it black, like my men.” Another example of is that the main character keeps saying throughout the movie that he as a drinking problem. When movie-goers hear this, they automatically think he could be trying to cope with alcoholism, but when the audience observes this character actually drinking, the real drinking problem is that his hand-to-mouth coordination is off, so he keeps spilling his drink on himself.

Further, Airplane has become a classic because of its commentary on all of society’s stereotypes, societal ills, and taboo subjects. (Now give at least on example of each of these ideas)

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