Monday, May 30, 2011

The Three Amigos!

This used to be one of my family’s favorite movies to watch when I was younger.  I remember thinking it was such a hilarious movie.  My Dad and I would laugh at the ridiculous costumes and situations that the three amigos go into.  However, I haven’t seen it for years so I was very excited to be able to re-watch it with a more critical eye.  Now watching it as a 19-year-old, I still love it. 
First of all I love the all-star cast of Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase.  To me, these guys are some of the great comedians of their time and although this movie may not be their claim-to-fame, it is a fun showcase of their talent.  There is such a bizarre plotline and mixture of characters that these three protagonists really shine.  To me, it always seems very genuine, like the three of them are just goofing around on camera.

This movie is not “distinctly” an Eighties film.  However it does promote the idea of a group of underdogs beating out foreigners, the “bad guys” while saving a damsel in distress.  The main bad guy is El Guapo who wants to overthrow the village of Santo Poco.  The Three Amigos get roped into this mission because they lost their Hollywood job making films.
The "infamous" El Guapo

Overall it is a entertaining movie with scenes that will definitely have you laughing.  My favorite scenes include a singing bush, an invisible man and a desert full of singing animals.  Although it may not contain too much “ethical depth” or an elaborate storyline it is a fun movie with some incredible actors.

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Vladigogo said...

This was one of those concept, summer blockbuster type films which were popular in the 80s.