Monday, May 30, 2011

Arthur (1981) "Isn't fun the best thing to have?"

“I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness.” -Hobson

Especially the drunken slurs that take over the film, because they were pretty funny! The movie is all Arthur (Dudley Moore), a rich man who does nothing but drink, spend his family’s money, and hang out with his butler and father figure, Hobson (John Gielgud). His family tells him that he must marry a woman that he does not care for or lose the vast fortune that his family would leave him. However, he is in love with another woman (Liza Minnelli), of whom his family does not approve. In the end, he chooses love over money, but you will be happy to know he gets to keep his millions of dollars too (huh, the plot sort of sounds like the one in Coming to America).

Arthur finds humor in everything and can laugh at anything, even himself. I think that this is a great trait for a person to have and found it admirable, even though he is completely intoxicated the entire time he is laughing. Arthur is a very funny character. He is like a little kid…a very drunk little kid, which is probably why his vast number of faults are completely forgivable. He is told what to do, how to sit, bribed with ice cream, obsessed with Santa Claus (even the waiter reminded him of the jolly old soul, because they both bring what is requested), and loves toys, without any resentment for this treatment. The movie ends with him ‘growing up,’ but this is a phenomenon that is absolutely overrated. I liked him just the way he is, so I was glad he does not grow up as much as his uncle tells him to. Who would want to be “a fine adult” when you can be a perfectly lovable, young-hearted person? Moore also did a really good job at being drunk. He either is a reeeallly good actor or has a lot of experience in this area! Either way, I don’t approve of how comical the movie made drinking and driving appear. Hobson, on the other hand, is unbreakable, unsmiling, monotone, and serious, which usually is not appealing. Yet, he is also a caring smart-ass and everyone and every movie needs someone like that around! He is able to put up with Arthur and do things for him even though he really doesn’t want to, but what I actually liked about him was his quick witted, sarcastic comments.

Several of the movies we have watched have prostitutes in them and so does this one. Even though they were no Julia Roberts, what was going on in the 80’s? Were there really hookers on every corner or is this just a go-to character for Hollywood?
All of these blog movies have made me want something, and this one is no exception. I now want an extremely big train set! But to get back on track, this movie is really only 80’s in the costuming, and that is at a minimum. I would recommend putting it on your ‘movies-to-watch’ list (no real hurry though as you are not missing too much if you do not) because it is funny and if you want to do some more ethical thinking, there are definitely some topics to discuss in this flick.

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Vladigogo said...

Definitely a better movie than the remake from this year.