Thursday, June 02, 2011

Land Before Time (1988)

This movie brings me back to when I was a child, as I’m sure it does many . Its depiction of the journey from youth to adulthood, triumph over obstacles, and growing wiser through trusting others, The Land Before Time delivers a truly satisfying movie experience, especially for a group of childhood friends. I loved this movie and its happy ending because It’s a classic storyline. They have a destination and something is in the way. The group is stopped multiple times by sharp tooth, a big t-rex. The climax of the movie is where little foot and the gang battles Sharp Tooth, and they work together the power of teamwork and planning they were able to defeat Sharp Tooth.

This is a story about a group of baby dinosaurs that travel to the great valley Each dinosaur grows in maturity during the journey. Little foot the brontosaurus becomes brave and becomes the leader of the little pack. Petri, the pterodactyl, learns how to fly and becomes brave. Sarah, the triceratops, becomes kinder and starts to take accept a second opinion. This was a story of growth and experience. . It always is a pleasure to get a couple of friends together and have the best time watching it. It brings everyone back to when they were able to use their imagination to create an adventure. We would Run around the playground having the time of our young lives without a care in the world. This is the time that every young adult yearns for.

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Vladigogo said...

And we wouldn't have had Ice Age without this flick.