Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

What can I say about Roger Rabbit? Well, for starters I was pretty annoyed by his character from the beginning. The reason for this is because I didn't really get his humor until close to the end of the movie. Also, it kind of irked me that he never knew when just calm down and take things seriously, like his life being on the line. Then I realized that Roger is just a fun loving rabbit who is ALWAYS down to make someone laugh, even while putting himself in danger. He's married to the oh so lovely Jessica Rabbit, whom he is obsessed with, and he is loved by the woman and envied by the guys. He is not loved for his "great" looks or his charisma, but instead for the fact that he can make people laugh harder than they ever have. Well, except for me.

The movie has more twist and turns than the slides at a water park. All of the deceit and corruption of this murder mystery begins as Detective Valiant is set up to take snapshots of Jessica Rabbit cheating on her husband Roger, by playing patty cake with Acme. Roger becomes the main suspect when Acme is found dead with a safe on his head. Roger then turns to Valiant because he has helped so many toons in the past. Reluctant at first, Valiant decides to help Roger because he suspects there is foul play in the midst. They have to keep a low profile because Judge Doom is on the look out for Roger and when he finds him he plans to dip him, leaving the "immortal" cartoon Roger Rabbit dead. As Valiant tries to get to the bottom of this mystery, he discovers that Maroon is in it, only because he wants to save toon town from being destroyed. As long as Acme's will is found by 12 o'clock then toon town will be saved. He meets up with Maroon at his office but before he could get info out of him, he is shot by a mysterious character. Valiant then chases the suspected gunman into Toontown, where he discovers that Judge Doom is behind the entire scam. Detective Valiant must succumb to his grumpy ways and act toonish in order to save Roger Rabbit and Toontown from certain Doom (no pun intended). But can he muster up the much needed laugh.......

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Vladigogo said...

True, Roger Rabbit is annoying, but deliberately so. He's a toon after all and as Eddie Valiant says, "I hate toons."