Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rhinestone (1984)


Jake, played by Dolly Parton, is a country singer in New York City. In order to get out of her contract with her sleaze-ball manager, Jake bets him that she can turn anyone into a country music star. Then you here a cab driver come out of know where, “Yall need a ride”. Nick Martinelli (Sylvester Stallone), a crazy cab drives that doesn't know a thing about the cowboy lifestyle and cant carry a tune to save his life. How can she turn this Italian cab driver into a country music star? Jake takes him in under her wing and tries to make him the next singing sensation at the Rhinestone.


Stallone looks like an absolute fool in the one-piece Rhinestone outfits he wears throughout the movie. Stallone really puts himself out there, this movie is hilarious I never knew Stallone had it in him. The fact that Stallone could sing well enough to win over any crowd is hard enough to believe. This movie is funny for some reason; the humor is so dry and dumb that it just makes you laugh.

Dolly Parton didn’t really have to act in this movie at all. Country is her style she was basically teaching Stallone how to be a cowboy. He tries to mimic the way country folk talk but with his strong accent it doesn’t turn out too well. We saw Dolly in her element and Stallone out of his element from action movies to a country comedy.

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Vladigogo said...

You found it. Good for you.

Now there is that arm wrestling movie still floating around out there.